Thursday, November 3, 2011

NO Winston!

Even though I support MMP over FPP, this article in the New Zealand Herald made my day. Anti-MMP campaigners have put up billboards showing New Zealand's favorite political cockroach with his infamous NO sign. The billboard is funny enough, the explanation behind it by Jordan Williams: 

Anti-MMP billboards go up
"We've used Mr Peters on our billboards as he represents everything wrong with the current system: disproportionate power, unaccountability and excused [sic] for broken promises

Unaccountability? Broken promises? Those are Winston's middle names! I spotted the old cockroach last night when I was at Britomart Country Club for the Backbenches debate on Auckland Central. Not only did us ACT kids have a laugh at how short he was, but some of his cronies turned up with Winston First placards to wave, despite having no candidate present. A few more beers and I would've asked if he had a policy to return the missing $150k he stole.

The problem with Winston is he is exactly like a cockroach; small, ugly, unpopular, thieving, disease-spreading, and most of all - keeps coming back no matter how much he gets squished. Despite being - quite rightfully - unpopular with politicians, the media, and the general public; he seems to have no idea when to quit.

Last election, ACT took 5 seats in parliament to make up for NZF getting no electorates and below the 5% threshold. They polled higher than ACT but didn't get anything for it. A vote for ACT is a blow for Winston!

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