Disclosure Statement

Political Viewpoints
I'm what many call a libertarian. I don't identify with either the left or right, since my beliefs are interested in giving freedoms to both economic and social issues. My beliefs are shaped not by family, but through learning, with books by George Orwell giving me the caution I have about the size and power of government.

I don't tend to be an ideology-driven libertarian though, with emphasis on 'pragmatic' steps to giving freedom back. 

I am a member of the New Zealand ACT Party, and a member of ACT on Campus. My position within the latter group is the vice-president of the Auckland branch. I am also a member of the Young Planners wing of the NZPI, student at the University of Auckland, member of UN Youth in New Zealand, and have previously served on the Hastings District Youth Council.

Why I Write This
This blog is to add a new generation's perspective on issues and ideas in New Zealand, tackling issues with the approach of learning, understanding, and offering mostly constructive criticism. Though already mentioning that I am a member of the ACT party, I write this completely independent from ACT and aim to be impartial. 

How I Write This
I write all of the posts from notes and clipboards on Evernote, which helps as I use a Mac, Windows, and a BlackBerry; and they all sync together. After the post is finished (can take as little as 30 minutes or as long 2 weeks to write), it is copied to Blogger.com where it is published here. Most of the photos are taken myself with my BlackBerry, and other illustrations are usually memes from 9GAG or made in MemeGenerator.net.

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