Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The December of Our Discontent

New Zealand has had a pretty dull December if we want to be honest with ourselves. The MetService promised us a warm humid summer under a La NiƱa system, where it's just given us a cold and rainy one. As much as I love the MetService, I guess there's only so much trust you can extend to a state-owned company. If I wanted a rainy summer, I would have gone to Singapore, any excuse to go there would be fine though!

Most of us (politicos) have all been in post-election hangover for much of December, with the only politics left to watch consisting of the who-gets-what in the National coalition government, and watching the Labour Party begin the election losers infighting. Three Davids turned into two against one, with David Parker withdrawing his bid in favor of supporting David Shearer, who won. For Shearer's sake, he shouldn't be too happy that he's won, he's basically inherited the biggest political mess in the country and should be whipping some of his inept colleagues into shape. Helen Clark dished out a good deal of whipping, maybe that's their key to getting back into government. 

Other changes have included me getting a new URL address for this site, and the domain name came with a free Google Apps subscription, and I still have absolutely no idea how to use it. I do like how it calls me the 'super administrator.' Not as cool a title as 'Governator' perhaps, but awesome nonetheless. 

January is going to be a bizarre interim month for political stuff anyway, with parliament not sitting until February or some shit. The mainstream media political news reporters will be splitting straws for news right now, and soon the shit-for-news will be the norm until something good happens. Stuff has already published a joke prediction list, which Kiwiblog has analyzed. 

With American politics heating up slowly before the 2012 presidential election, discussion about the Democrats' and Republicans' campaigns is becoming topical here. The Brotagonist has organized a Students4RonPaul Auckland group, which I'm sure he'll blog about plenty as the plot thickens in the Republican candidacy. The story-scarce summer will probably turn much of the attention over to this, the Iowa Republican primary will be a headline very shortly. 

Hopefully January's weather will pick up anyway. Still waiting for a summer of good food, good drink, good music, and some sun!

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