Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 - New Year

Happy new year everyone!!

Like any first day in business, we shall go over the agenda.

My commitments to this blog:

  • Make an effort not to write anything tl;dr (too long, didn't read)
  • Keep the posts to once a day at most, once every 3 days at least
  • Keep up with all the news as it happens, which I'm now doing with RSS feeds
  • Add more pictures, people like pictures...
  • Maintain the 'constructive criticism' policy, the one that doesn't apply to Winston First

Your commitments to this blog:
  • Comment, join the discussion!
  • Tell your friends to read it and shit
  • Subscribe, and read ALL the posts!

Feedback of any sort is appreciated, if you've got something to say - please do! Enjoy the summer, even if it is pissing down with rain out there, the port workers are all on strike, Winston First is back in parliament, and the price of smokes just jumped!

Oh well, stay cool :)

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