Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Election 2011 Watch

With my exams finishing and the election drawing nearer, I have much more time on my hands to watch the political drama going on. I'll be meeting candidates, watching debates, following news, and helping ACT on the campaign trail. So, I'll be keeping the blog world posted on this as I attend them. The topics and issues I'll be looking out for are:

  • ACT Party
  • The race for Epsom
  • The battle for Auckland Central
  • Transport and planning in Auckland
  • Freedom and liberty
  • Pragmatic economic approaches
  • Labour Party
  • Youth issues
  • The war of the left and the right
  • What the Occupy protestors (don't) think
  • Anything else going on in the Auckland-Newmarket area!

I recently watched an Auckland Central debate in Freeman's Bay, appeared on Back Benches for the Battle for Auckland Central, watched a heated Epsom debate in Mount Eden, and will be watching another debate in West Auckland Tuesday. I've got plenty of other events on the calendar too, so will keep posting about them and reporting on the trends, developments, reactions, and predictions. Follow me on Twitter for live updates (@CamWBrowne) too.

Next event is Tuesday at Kelston Community Center near Glendene, West Auckland. Will updating live from 7pm and blog a summary here afterwards.

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