Saturday, December 3, 2011

No News ACT

ACT's candidate for Wellington Central and promising star Stephen Whittington has made news. He's greatly admired in the party, has potential as a politician, and has a large number of supporters, especially in ACT on Campus. He's done the cleverest thing by making news over comments about John Banks and the direction of the party. Apparently, Banksie is "economically ignorant and interventionist" and said this in response to talks about Banksie and the Colin Craig Conservative Party (or CCCP).

I do not know whether this is a gaffe, something malicious, or an intentional public release. But the blogosphere and the news media are already sensing something going on within the ACT Party. After a piss poor election result, the party is having discussions on what should happen next. The situation of course is that Brash has resigned, and Banks is the only ACT member in parliament. This changes  everything for the party, so the next few weeks of discussion are crucial to what will happen, deciding th future of the party and many politicians careers.

It is too early for the media to know anything about what ACT is thinking or feeling. With nothing at all certain and a ground-up review of the party underway, there is literally no telling at this point what could happen. Party president Chris Simmons has commented on the issue to dampen concerns, especially those of Epsom voters who will want to know their representative-elect will stay on message.

If you want news on the ACT party, I doubt there'll be anything coming from the yellow team for a little while yet. We'll just have to LOL at the Labour Party until then. Speaking of which, David Parker is now out (ignoring my advice), the right is calling David Cunliffe the "silent T" for self-evident reasons, and David Shearer appears to be the front runner. Post-election politics still interesting!

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